/Wine Degustation, Purchase, and Estate Tour

Wine Degustation, Purchase, and Estate Tour

Chianti Classico is a vineyard and winery based in the heart of Tuscany. Tuscany is located in Italy; the city is known for its beauty, history, art, and high culture. Tuscany is also known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. If you love the tradition of wine tasting and buying wine from its original place of manufacture Chianti Classico is one of the best places you can’t miss out on when you are in Italy. Chianti Classico produces the best organic tuscan wine; it is located in the Montemaggio estate, where respect and love for heritage, history, culture, and tradition are best. The mission of Chianti Classico is to produce estate-grown organic wine and to promote organic agriculture.
Wine Degustation and Purchase
The wine-producing company also offers wine degustation courses for many people who are keen on wine tasting. One of Italy’s best wine manufacturing companies is located in the Montemaggio estate; wherein all the wine is produced in the cellar using organic methods. The visitors can get a brief view of all the aspects of manufacturing wine and the wine tasting process. Chianti Classico is one of the best places to buy tuscan wine in Italy. Buy your naturally produced wine right at the visit to the Montemaggio estate.
Tour and Wine Tasting
The estate offers the entire tour of the estate and wine tasting with different courses and packages. Each package has its advantage and unique quality. For instance, the total immersion wine tour with blind tasting is one of the famous packages wherein the sight is blinded in wine tasting to enjoy the real taste of the wine without any previous prejudice. You can also buy italian wine in the estate along with other organic products produced by the estate.